Stella Felix Dress Blues Swiss Automatic Watch



The Daily Rocker

Dress blues has been called "The Daily Rocker" because it will easily become your go-to watch.


The linen texture dial has been painstakingly created with a slight degrede from dark to indigo blue to resemble the look of your favorite denim. Paired with the warm cognac strap, this watch will work well with your Monday boardroom meetings and your home office zoom calls. Jeans optional.


The brushed and polished stainless steel case has a black PVD case body that adds color and texture in just the right amounts.

Stella Felix Dress Blues Swiss Automatic Watch
Full View Blue 2.jpg
Dial Closeup Blue 2.jpg
Side Shot Blue.jpg


  • 40毫米錶殼

  • 48mm凸耳到凸耳

  • 13.6mm厚度

  • 20mm凸耳開口

  • 316L不銹鋼,四件式錶殼結構,錶殼上帶有黑色PVD鍍層

  • 半圓頂藍寶石晶體,具有3層AR底塗層

  • 藍寶石水晶展覽案例

  • STP1-11自動機芯

  • 亞麻錶帶洋裝

  • 指針和指針上的Super-LumiNova®C3和C1

  • 10 ATM(100米)

  • 擰緊表冠

  • 手工拋光干邑白蘭地皮錶帶


  • 瑞士製造

  • STP1-11自動上鍊機芯

  • 26顆寶石

  • 44小時動力儲存

  • 駭客秒

  • 藍色螺絲

  • 定制斯特拉轉子

  • 船用級拉絲和拋光不銹鋼錶殼

  • 琺瑯表冠配紅星

  • 定制展覽底蓋,帶有深蝕刻標記

  • 吊耳

  • 快速釋放帶

  • 單獨的序列號

  • 帶有精美皮革製作的演示箱,帶有定制的底蓋工具,用戶手冊和清潔布